extends BrGenericCacheProvider

Implements simple in memory caching class.


There is singleton object for every cache types suported by the application, so you can access cache via magic br() function:

// getting cache instance for futher usage
$cache = br()->cache('memory');

// because memory cache is default cache type - you can call it withotu specifying "memory" as paramater
$cache = br()->cache();

// accessing cache method directly
$value = br()->cache()->get('cacheValueKey');

Class fields

There is no public fiels in this class

Class methods

Inherited from BrGenericCacheProvider
set ($name, $value);Set cached value for specified $name.
get ($name, $defaultValue = null, $saveDefaultValue = false);Get cached value for specified $name. If value missing in cache - $defaulValue will be returned. If $saveDefaultValue set to TRUE - $defaultValue wil be saved as cached value for specified $name.
exists ($name);Check if specified $name has cached value.
remove ($name);Remove cached value for specified $name.